Creativity Defines Me!

After reading my bio, you will see that my background is Lingerie and Bra Fitting. I was, at one time, a certified Mastectomy Fitter.

Historical Note - Edith and The Pink Frog

Edith’s, Inc. started as a Lingerie Shop in Princeton, New Jersey. The store closed after Edith passed away and her daughter Anne, with the help of an engineer, developed and patented Bezi™ Bra Discs™ Edith’s is committed to solving a problem and manufacturing products in the USA.

When Edith opened her store, she asked Anne what color the walls should be painted. Anne said pink, her favorite color. The story is that a customer brought Edith a reclining ceramic frog as a gift when the store opened. Customers thought that Edith collected frogs and continued to bring her frogs — hence the logo with the Pink Frog.


A Fun Place to Shop for Gifts

Why a pink frog? Many years ago, my Mom opened a lingerie shop. She asked me what color she should paint the walls. I was a young child and, of course, said Pink. Spots — Polka dots are a good thing. And now for the frog theme. A couple of days after the store opened, a customer gave my Mom a gift of a ceramic frog. The frog became a permanent fixture in a display case and was joined by other frogs. Soon there were families of frogs in lingerie shop.

So there you have it. Pink Spotted Toad, PS Toad for short.

For now, I create wonderful gift cards and will post these unique hand-crafted cards.